Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Journal: Holidays 1

Happy Holidays!
I spent my Christmas at Clark, Pampanga (where my dad currently resides). We didn't really do much for celebration. I guess it was enough to spend quality time with the family, since we rarely have time to do so anymore.

So.. without further a do, here is a short photo journal. :)

1. Meet my brother! :3
Take note that I was only able to persuade him to have this photo taken with me, because I bought him his DVI blabla cable for his PC. haha. yay for bribes!

2. I realized I am beyond out of shape. I get tired soooo easily all the time. HAHA. So, I decided I need to exercise. I never do, so this is a really HUGE step for me. lol.
Went Biking with my Dad. He took me biking at places going uphill uphill and more uphill. I told him (while trying my best to breathe) that imma kill him for that. hahaha

3. My brother gave me Tricia G's style guide!! aaaaah!! been wanting it soooo much! <3

4. we watched the giant lantern festival. I couldn't take photos of the show coz it was overwhelmingly crowded. :|

5. Samygyupsal!! omnomnomnom

6. sneak peak of my mini photo shoot

7. Christmas lights! :D

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