Sunday, September 14, 2014

If I went to fashion week...

Going to New York Fashion Week or London Fashion Week, for now that is in my super wishful bucket list. What is keeping me from going? Lack of time and money. Ok, mostly money. haha. People say if you want it, nothing would stop you. But hey, I'm a fresh grad thousands of miles away from London and New York and expected to work 6 days a week inside a microbiology laboratory (meaning 6 days a week in a lab gown). Give this girl a break. haha. I'm saving up though. I'll be there soon. I'll be going places. You'll see. *wink*

Anyways, IF I did have the awesome opportunity of going to the recent fashion week, I would have worn this:

I'm not really sure what my style is. However, I do know that I love vintage, a little bit of edgy, and having that extra something. So maybe, that's my style?

As usual, this thrift queen is wearing thrifted stuff. Believe it or not, my boots cost only 7 USD and my dress costs only around 8 USD. As for the hat I'm wearing, I can't remember how much it costs, but I do remember I bought it when I was 12 years old at a garage sale in Australia.
Not thrifted: My bag is from Zara (my favorite bag).

By the way, I could also be found here: my chictopia page and my lookbook page.

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  1. Love this! Good luck! ^_^

    xo Trisha