Sunday, August 24, 2014

"I'm lying on the moon. My dear, I'll be there soon."

Another hiatus yet again, I'm so sorry everyone. :(
I'm also sorry for the lack of insightful write ups currently. It has been crazy for me these past few weeks. Here's a breakdown:
1. I got featured in Candy Magazine's website.
2. My brother got Chicken pox from his classmate.
3. I GOT CHICKEN POX FROM MY BROTHER and had to be absent from work for almost 3 weeks!
4. I am big part Filipino, small part Spanish, and small part Chinese. I am now embracing the Chinese blood flowing through my veins and dyed my hair black.
5. God said "I'll give you a new job!"
6. Finally cleaned ad organized my jungle of a room. I'll blog about it soon.
7. Since I gave my brother a Les Miserables book (he loves the classics), he bought me Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. Sibling love.
8. I recorded a cover of "The Moon Song by Karen O". I heard it from the movie "Her". I fell in love. Please press the play button below. I hope you'd like my cover. :) *fingers crossed*

P.S. About what I'm wearing, as usual, it's "Look for Less". My wedges cost only 280 pesos. My lace top is thrifted. It costs only 20 pesos!

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