Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday Resolutions

Just a few minutes ago, I turned 23. I don't feel old really, and getting older really does not bother me. Now, I just feel like I am getting to a point wherein I am getting to know myself more and more. Although.. for some reason, everyday I have this feeling that I have to do something greater with my life. It's this feeling I try my hardest to understand. I thirst for something, yet I don't quite understand what I am thirsting for. Do I thirst for fame, knowledge, fortune, compassion, means to just help, means to just travel, or knowing the real me?...or do I thirst for every single one of those including some I have not thought about yet. It becomes more and more discomforting each day that I don't get to quench this vague thirst I have.

In line with my seemingly unending thoughts regarding my life, I've come up with a short list of my birthday resolutions.

1. Give up trying to please everyone. The only person you need to prioritize for pleasing is yourself.

2. There's no such thing as "I have no time.." Time is given in generous amounts. Each of us gets 24 hours each day. What you don't have is the ability to manage it well.

3. Nobody ever said you can only be one thing. No one said you should be good at one specific matter and one specific matter only. I can talk in depth about microbiology and chemistry, while also singing, playing instruments, and creating artworks. I can blog about my personal style and about life.

4. Life does not suck. Your outlook in life does. Take a moment to reflect and be a better person.

5. Goals in life are meant to motivate you and keep your life exciting; not to make you sulk in one corner when you feel like you can't achieve them. If you haven't achieved your goals, you're just not trying hard enough. Keep going.

6. Crying over the same matters is nonintellectual aka "stupid". Cry only once per matter. Have your head held high the second time around.

7. Love is like a stubborn kid. It's cute and at the same time, a real pain in the buttocks. Even so, you still take care of it and keep it close, because you don't want anything bad to happen to it and you don't want to lose it. Why? 'Cause it's love. It's rational and irrational at the same time.

8. Have more time for yourself. When was the last time you asked yourself "How are you?"

9. Never trust anyone easily. Years of knowing the person doesn't give him/her an "I trust you completely" ticket. In fact, sometimes the people you've just recently met are more trustworthy than people you've known for such a long time.

10. Do everything you can while you still can do it. Leave no room for regrets. I was once invited to sing and audition for a show in Australia. I wasn't able to audition. I missed that chance and it haunts me til now.

11. Wanting to help other people more is just the first step. Go and put it into action. Always try to improve the way you pay forward.

12. Don't let other people make you feel anything other than awesome and beautiful. If you feel mistreated, stand up for yourself.

(Photos of me taken by my brother. Other photos taken by me. @Dona Jovita ... Food from Herb Republic Los Banos

*I might blog separately about Dona Jovita and Herb Republic.. We'll see. But, for now....

xoxo Toodles! Birthday girl needs her sleep. haha :)

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  1. These are the most wonderful resolutions! I hope you get the chance to live each one out to the fullest! Happy be-lated birthday :-)