Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cafe Antonio on Fathers' Day

I have always been a lover of coffee shops. No, not really Starbucks (even if I do go there and to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for my matcha green tea) and all those other coffee shops that most people go to because (1) bandwagon effect *cough J.Co cough* no offense *smiles cutely in case J.Co owner sees this post* (2) it makes them look sosyal *selfie with the SB logo*

Here's the thing...
In my opinion, a coffee shop should be cozy, comfy, and peaceful. It is a must that when I open the door, it smells like roasted coffee beans and not smoke from smokers and cars outside. When I come in I want to hear coffee shop music and not the irritating mixture of noise from each table, because for some reason, everyone thinks it's proper to talk loudly while inside..hmmm.. or maybe they're just unaware that there are other people around trying to enjoy their coffee and a good book? (By the way, I am talking about real coffee shop music, e.g., Breaking by Christopher Jak and Sinner's Sonnet by Andrew Whitman. I go to coffeehouses to study or relax. I didn't come to party.)
So far, because of it's rarity, I have found only a handful of my preferred places for coffee and Cafe Antonio Los Banos is at the very top of that list. I don't think I can say anything bad about it really. It is my ideal coffeehouse; amazing ambiance, great coffee, delicious food, good music, and even greater people. That is precisely the reason why even if I've already graduated and I don't live near it anymore, I still come back to Los Banos just to have the Cafe Antonio experience I love. Heck I am not even sure I should be blogging about this, it's good for the cafe's business, but I don't really want it to have soooo many people and be like Starbucks. I kinda wanna be selfish about it. mine! all mine! haha :p

Anyways, from here on, I'll let the photos do their thing. Oh! and play the music for that coffeehouse mood. haha. toodles! ~ Janine

(Absolutely yummy Mushroom and Tofu!!)

My younger brother doesn't really like me kissing him. HAHA

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  1. I feel the same way about coffee shops. I try to go to locally owned, independent places. They're cozy and their fair trade coffee tastes better. I love the food!!! :-)