Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo Journal: Vigan - Ilocos Norte. A trip to the past.

The past may be the past, but memories, good or bad, they often do last. People were never meant to stay in the past, but who said we weren't allowed to look back? The past is beautiful. That's what I think. Most of our lives are spent on missing. We miss people we've let go, pets we've had, places we've been, situations we've encountered, and friends who've drifted away. Everything from the past contributed to who and what we are now in the present. Even mishaps, especially mishaps. Because I believe, bad things don't happen to good people. Good people were made by going through bad things.

Now, let me tell you what made me go into thinking about past and present. Well, you see, I was rummaging through my photos and I stumbled upon these.

Last January, me and my family went on a trip to the North. The following are a few photos from my trip to Vigan. I purposely post processed the photos to look aged. That way, I can also take you on that trip to the past somehow. 

Vigan City is the capital of Ilocos Sur here in the Philippines. It is one of the few cities in the Philippines that is considered a Hispanic town. It is a World Heritage Site and is officially one of the New 7 Wonders Cities.
Here, effort is given to preserve the historical architecture. Lovely.

Here's a trivia: The name Vigan was actually from "Bee Gan (美岸)". Chinese settlers gave the city that name which means "Beautiful Shore". It became Vigan, because Spanish conquistadors spelled it that way.

The time of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines wasn't exactly a pleasant experience for the natives, however, they did give us the religion that until now brings Filipinos together. I opted not to delve deeper into the facts of the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, because it could be a sensitive issue to some. So, allow me to just note that I absolutely love the architectural ideas and aesthetics that they have contributed. Also, if it weren't for the Spanish people, I wouldn't be here now. I'm Filipino, but I do have Spanish Ancestry. That's why my middle name is Verzosa. It came from Don Mauro Verzosa, who migrated from Spain to the Philippines.

(I make sure I wear comfortable clothes on trips. My go to travel outfit is often a comfy maxi.)

(absolutely GORGEOUS Kusina Felicitas - Grandpa's Inn. The place is so warm, cozy, and inviting. And, of course, the food is yummy.)

(We stayed at Ciudad Fernandina Hotel. I must tell you, I could stay in the hotel all day. It's not grand, but it's stunning. Especially at night! Their website in case you want to book there:

(In Vigan, they have a short lights and sound show at night in the plaza. Since it was out first time to see it, we didn't know we were standing in the middle of one of the fountains, we almost got soaked. haha!)

I'll blog about my Ilocos Norte Trip next! :)

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